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New Dish Named After Spelling Bee Winner Arvind Mahanka
A popular restaurant here has unveiled a new dish on its menu – Arvind mini knaidel – named after 2013 Scripps National Spelling Bee winner Arvind Mahankali.
The Indian American student won first place in the Scripps National Spelling Bee competition by correctly spelling the word"knaidel," the German derived Yiddish word for matzo ball, a small mass of leavened dough that’s a kosher delicacy.
The new menu item was announced June 10 at an event here organized byCongresswoman Grace Meng to commemorate the victory of Mahankali, who resides in her constituency in Queens’s borough of New York, at Ben’s Best Kosher Deli in Rego Park, Queens.
It was attended by a large number of Indian American and Jewish‐American community leaders of New York. Jay Parker, the owner and chef of the restaurant, announced that the new menu, Arvind mini knaidel, would be served to its customers from June 10 to commemorate the victory of the neighborhood boy in the national championship.
The mini matzo balls made out of dough, mayonnaise(margerine) and eggs is essentially a soup menu, he said, dedicating the new dish to the winner to the cheers of the guests.
He said the dish represent the love of the Jewish community for the winner. Rego Park is a predominantly Jewish neighborhood of New York.
excerpt from INDIAWEST, Press Trust of India, June 11, 2013 :New Dish Named AfterSpelling Bee Winner Arvind Mahankali.
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Our Favorite Video: Jay Making Potato Latkes
Latke Recipe

Ben's Best as seen on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.
March 14, 2011

Guy Fieri from Diners,  Drive-Ins and Dives
Ben's Best is Going to Hollywood!

March 14, 2011
Guy Fieri and his team from the Food Network Show, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives recently came to Ben's Best Deli to interview owner, Jay Parker and a few customers. Featured items were Chicken in a Pot, Fried Kreplach and Stuffed Cabbage, but all menu items received accolades from those that were there.
Ben's Best segment is scheduled to air March 14th at 9:00pm.

The Knishwich is Here!
January 20, 2011Knishwich
A new menu item was debuted today, the knishwich. This is a Coney Island Knish, a square knish for those of you non-native New Yorkers. We have sliced the knish in half and added an ample amount of pastrami or corned beef. The pastrami knishwich comes with a slice of hot cherry pepper. The corned beef knishwich is served with suauerkraut and sweet pepper.

Stanley BrownThe Knishwich
is the brainchild of Stanley Brown, a longtime friend of owner, Jay Parker. A few years back while schmoozing at a barbecue, Stanley approached Jay with this innovative new idea. Jay felt the time was finally right to introduce knishwich to the "eating" community. While in previews, the response has been very positive.

We look forward to our critics reviews of the knishwich on Facebook

By Nicholas - Daily News
The co-founder of the famous Zagat Survey told the Daily News that he wants to publish a guide dedicated solely to the borough's picks for dining, shopping and nightlife.
Meal maven Tim Zagat said the Queens guide would be similar to his brand's "Best of Brooklyn" books and serve as an extension of the citywide Zagat Survey which hits bookstores today.
Many Queens restaurants are already turning heads for their place in the citywide survey...
Other local standouts include Ben's Best in Rego Park, ranked the second-best kosher eatery in the city, and Water's Edge in Long Island City, which scored highly for its decor, romantic setting and views.

excerpt from the Daily News, October 6, 2010 : EXPANDED APPETITE Zagat ready for Queens book
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In February 2010, Food. Curated. and Edible Queens teamed up to bring you this intimate story about the beauty of tradition in food...classic Jewish delicatessen food.
Meet Jay Parker, owner of Ben's Best Delicatessen, a 3rd generation deli owner in Rego Park, Queens - and one of the last remaining Kosher delis in the industry. Jay took over the family business from his father over 30 years ago knowing that the key to success was leaving his 100+ year old family recipes unchanged.
Enjoy this feel-good peek into the life of a passionate deli operator. The food looks so good, you can almost taste the hot pastrami and corned beef being shaved off the meat slicer...
This video is made available through

Zagat Review

We're now on Yelp!!
Read what our customers have to say about us.

Jay's tells all about Grandmother's Matzo Ball recipe. On February 9, 2009 Jay demonstrated how to make the ultimate comfort food. While in the Fox News Good Day Cafe he created his grandmother's secret matzo ball recipe.

A Mission to Save Real Jewish Delis, A Dying Breed October 13, 2009.
Writer David Sax, has a new book - Save the Deli, introduced NPR's Robert Siegel to Ben's Best. Sax is on a mission to save and celebrate the Jewish delicatessen. Ben's Best is a rare surviving example of a once thriving breed: the neighborhood deli. When Sax discovers Ben's is serving rolled beef, Sax gets excited. "It's the rare truffle of the Jewish meat," he says. Listen to entire story.

Photo by: Anders Krusberg/
The Martha Stewart Show

On October 12, 2008 Ben's Best was selected by Martha Stewart as having one of the 14 best Hot Dogs in New York. To view the entire segment on the 14 Best Hot Dogs visit the Martha Stewart website.

By Ian Jackman - Eat This
'Quick Bite - David says, "If you are coming to New York especially Queens, you can't miss Ben's Best Deli on Queens Boulevard and Sixty-third Drive, where you will find the best corned beef and pastrami on rye and potato knishes that ever existed."
Jackman, Ian, 2007, EAT THIS, New York, Harper Collins Publishers.

By Tony Pagano - Daily News
I've often wondered why most restaurants just seem to come and go, while a select few continue to thrive year after year. Is there a secret, or is it just plain luck? Well, driving to Ben's Best Kosher Delicatessen in Rego Park, Queens, about to celebrate its 62nd anniversary this coming November, I would soon find out.
If there is a "secret" to the durability and popularity of this restaurant, Jay inadvertently revealed it: He told us that his father always treated his customers like family, and always used the finest products and ingredients money could buy - a tradition that Jay steadfastly adheres to this very day, and on that, I'm happy to report, results in quality, great-tasting food.
excerpt from the Daily News: Restaurant Tours, April 2008 - Ben's Best Kosher Deli A Tradition in Quality and Taste ... by Tony Pagano.
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Pope John Paul - Presentation of the gift to His Holiness by the Pave the Way Foundation Board. This foundation initiates gestures of good will, in order to advance relations between faiths. Jay was with a group of people who represented a cross section of Judaism, who traveled to Rome with the blessings of millions of the faith in order say thank you to Pope John Paul II for his "acts of love of all mankind and his implacable pursuit of peace and reconciliation of all faiths."

By Josh Ozersky and Daniel Maurer - Grub Street
"Hot dogs sizzle behind the window, and the smell of fresh corned-beef sandwiches lingers in the air like the memory of vanished relatives."
- Riding the V Line: Ben's Best the Pride Of Rego Park: by Josh Ozersky and Daniel Maurer.
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By Karen Berliner, qboro Contributor
From the moment that I entered Ben's Best Deli in Rego Park, I was gently pushed back to a plainer and simpler time. A time when kosher delicatessens were bountiful in all the five boroughs and eating out for supper was still a very big deal.
- excerpt from the Queens Chronicle, November 29, 2007- Signature Dish: Chicken Soup With Matzo Balls: By Karen Berliner.
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By Sunny Lee - Daily News Jay Parker doesn't believe that his sandwich should be judged on height alone, though his stacks up with the best. Rather, he explains, the integrity of the sandwich is how you handle the meat, "If the pastrami isn't treated properly, nothing else matters, " he says. excerpt from the Daily News, August 5 2003 : Where to taste the high life

In celebration of Jerusalem "3000" (anniversary of Israel), held at Gracie Mansion, Ben's Best was one of the catering teams that fed 2,500 guests. In attendance were Former Mayor of Jerusalem, Ehud Olmert, Former NYC Mayors Ed Koch and Rudy Guiliani, and Former First Lady of NYC, Donna Hanover.

Jay- I'll trade a cold front for a hot pastrami! Dave Price weatherman and featured reporter: CBS News The Early Show,2003

Jay - Thanks for once again doing our deli event in D.C. The town for people who cut the mustard.- Gary Ackerman: Queens Congressman

By Clem Richardson - Daily News
Parker will crack you up if you can pry him away from the computer or cash register or kitchen in his Ben’s Best kosher deli restaurant on Queens Blvd. in Rego Park. “You can tell me my wife is ugly, my kids are stupid, but don't tell me my corned beef is bad", he said. But protests aside, the former stock broker and his deli staff do know food, and have the reputation to back it up. For instance, when the Knicks lost to the San Antonio Spurs in the National Basketball Association Championship last year, Governor Pataki turned to Parker to pay off his bet with Texas Gov. Bush. Parker and his crew flew to Austin with, among other things, platters of chopped liver, shaped like the Empire State Building and pastrami molded like the Empire State, (not to mention the knishes, cole slaw and pickles.) About 500 people packed into the reserve officers club in Washington last week to stuff themselves with food, Ben's Best supplied for Queens' Congressman Gary Ackerman's annual fund-raiser. The men, numerous members of their staff, transplanted New Yorkers looking for a taste of home and "people from other parts of the country who never saw this kind of food before, "said Jason Goldes, Ackerman's press secretary. Asked why they used Ben's Best - which has catered the event for the last 17 years - Goldes said, "Because the food is great!" excerpt from the Daily News: Spotlight on Great People, April 17, 2000: By Clem Richardson

Presented to Ben's Best with our sincere appreciation for your dedication and support to our community and the children of the
Forest Hills Basket Ball League: 1999/2000

In recognition of your commitment to the betterment of the community and your many contributions to that end.
Community Counsel, 112th Pct: August, 1996

In appreciation for your support to the NYC Police Department and the citizens of the city of New York (donation of horse): New York's Finest: June, 1989

Presented to Jay Parker "businessman of the year" with our sincere appreciation for your untiring and devoted efforts on behalf on behalf the Rego Park Community and for your on-going commitment to the goals of our organization.
Central Queens Regular Democratic Club: May, 1987

In tribute to Jay Parker with deep affection and esteem. Your generosity, resourcefulness and untiring efforts are greatly appreciated. Our membership unites in presenting this most deserved testimonial to you: Rego Park Jewish Center: May, 1987

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