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Grant and Loan Recipients

Getting started

We’re just getting started, so we don’t have any profits to put into our grant program yet. However, we have made one low interest loan (detailed below) and we have made a commitment to invest at least $100,000 in Black cannabis entrepreneurs by the end of our first year in business.


To apply for a grant or a loan please contact Jeannette Horton ([email protected]) at NuLeaf Project

Keron Ali

Grant Recipient (2021)

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Natural mystic is a Texas-based, minority-owned company producing high-quality, organic hemp smoking products with a conscious business model. It is owned by Keron Ali who immigrated to the U.S. in 2010 and founded Natural Mystic in 2017. Keron was motivated to launch Natural Mystic “because of my love for cannabis and the powerful, natural medicinal purposes the plant possesses. I wanted to provide high quality organic hemp cones and rolling paper to customers worldwide to enhanced their smoking experience.”


Natural Mystic’s products are handcrafted in Indonesia. The company funds meals and financial support to the crafting team, made up of primarily women, as part of the “Break Poverty Movement.” NM grew via online, direct-to-consumer sales and self-funded along the way. The company’s recent product expansion includes wholesale and custom cones for discerning brands. The B3 funds from NuLeaf Project are a first of its kind opportunity for Keron to access expansion capital. Keron says, “This loan gives us the runway to meet growing customer demand and puts the company significantly closer to realizing my vision of being a global brand.”