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For Your Head
and Your Health

Soil grown with no non organic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides— by some of Vermont’s most conscientious INDEPENDENT craft growers. No non organic anything.

Packaging to Preserve Quality

We maintain our packaging room at 52% humidity. That’s the moisture level that ends up in our packages. It’s ideal for storing pot and it turns out that it’s pretty comfortable for our team members as well. Kind of like a moisturizing spa treatment. We package our cannabis in airtight (or almost airtight) containers using primarily tin and glass.

Terpene Forward

We are focused on terpenes because that’s what determines the effect that a particular strain or blend will evoke.

Blended for Consistency and Robust Effects

Our SloSmokes and and Full Spectrum Vapes are both blends of several different strains. That allows us to combine higher levels of terpenes to achieve more robust effects. Blending also helps to compensate for variations which are inherent to growing plants.

Effects Based

Our Blended SloSmokes and Full Spectrum vapes are each available in 5 different effects.