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Enjoying our SloSmoke pre rolls is more like sipping a glass of wine as opposed to chugging a shot or two of hard liquor.  The idea is to enjoy the process, stretch it out, and savor each step along the way. The joy is in the journey.  


I find that I like taking some tokes, getting slightly high, putting the joint down and letting the effect set in a bit. Then if I want to be higher, I take another toke or two. The beauty of SloSmokes is that another toke or two doesn’t put you over the line, or on your ass. 


Then as the effect starts to wear off I can take another toke or two to maintain.



SloSmoke Tokes–

Musings on the Art of SloSmoking


These pre rolls are formulated for the average smoker who wants a slow gradual uplift that can be modulated over time.

It’s about enjoying the journey. About enjoying the process. 


And as the effect starts to wear off, you can top it up.  Or let it wear off. Or you can continue to smoke more and get higher. It gives you the option. It puts you back in control of your heightened experience. 


This is pot the way it used to be.  The way it used to grow before the growers started cranking up the THC.  Which is not to blame the growers.  The growers are just responding to consumer demand.  It’s just an education issue.  And it’s a trial issue.  Just try it. 


All I can tell you is we tested our stuff out with less frequent smokers, more frequent smokers, high tolerance and low tolerance people.  We understand there is no average smoker, but after a whole lot of experiments we came up with formulas that most everyone liked.  


People who normally smoke high THC stuff enjoy a lighter, more casual, more social high.  People who stopped smoking because todays stuff is just way too strong for them, really like it.  And people who previously had problems with anxiety or paranoia, didn’t have any problems.  That’s because our SloSmokes balance moderate THC with CBD/G and terpenes.  



I swear I don’t get it.  I took one hit and I’m off.  And this is 6 – 8% THC.  how is that possible?  We dunno. But it might be the particular combination of the terpenes and the THC and the CBD/G.  THe entourage effect as they say.


Some experts say that if you have too much THC it over powers the terpenes and the effect you get is mostly THC.  


There’s another researcher, Dr. Cinnamon Bidwell at UC Boulder, who did a rigorous study that showed that there was no difference in THC blood count between 26% THC and 16% THC.  She didn’t test lower. 


But the fact remains that I took one hit and I’m off.  Clearheaded enough to write this note.  So that’s part of it.  Don’t smoke too much.  Take a bit of a rest between hit(s) to let the effect sink in and determine whether you’d like to stay where you are for a while or get a little more enhanced. It’s kind of like sipping a glass of wine.  




I’ve been meaning to tell you that another expert says that a pre roll is pretty much a dirty vaporizer– that the burning end is only to provide the heat that vaporizes the rest of the weed as the hot smoke is drawn thru it. The burning end itself doesn’t get you high because it’s so hot that it destroys the terps and cannabinoids that are actually burning.




Different people respond differently. They say it has to do with your endocannabinoid system. There are receptors in the human body for cannabinoids. Some people are more sensitive than others to the various compounds in the cannabis plant. 


SloSmokes are designed to be terpene focused. Organic, consistent, and moderate in THC.


Whereas the majority of cannabis sold today is in the 20 – 30%  THC Range, B3 Blends are  6 – 8% depending on effect. And it still takes me just 2 – 4 tokes to get off.


My favorites are ECS for an upbeat creative and enhanced visual and sensual experience, Kickback for relaxed and sensual, and Focus to get stuff done


But the thing is that different people are different. The majority of our Panel of Esteemed Testers (PET) rated our various blends pretty much the way they are described on our packaging, but different people respond differently. There were outliers.  And who knows? You might be an outlier too.




There are some experts in the field who believe that if you have too much THC it overwhelms and masks the effect of the terpenes. That makes sense to me.